Tristina Counters League Of Legends

Tristina Counters

Tristina Counters League Of Legends

Would you like to find out the best Tristina counters in League of Legends? Then carry on reading…

Tristina is commonly played as an ADC; although she’s also viable in both top and mid.

Tristina’s crucial weaknesses is her early game range, the actual thing that becomes the gateway of her late-game power, along with the AoE explosions and multi-jump resets. In actual fact, Tristina is a combination of marksman, DPS mage, burst mage, assassin and support; all in a single champion. The only thing she really suffers from is her lack of ‘tankiness’. 

Tristina Is Weak Against:


dravel league of legends

Draven is the biggest counter to Tristina due to his extremely high damage output. Because of his early game advantages, Draven is likely to harass you when you are going in for CS. Try to avoid fighting or trading with him early-game, and if you can, make sure to deny him stacks. 


jhin league of legends

Jhin is another counter to Tristina due to his constant in-lane bullying. His high damage output and burst potential makes him another high-level threat against Tristina. 

Tristina Is Strong Against:

Miss Fortune

miss fortune league of legends

Tristina is a fantastic counter to Miss Fortune in a straight 1v1. Miss Fortune’s mobility is low without her passive, so it’s easy to jump forward and ult her, and then get back safely with rocket jump. Tristina can use her E ability to cause mini-damage, leaving her vulnerable and without an escape. You are also able to ult Miss Fortune to block her ult.


Jinx League Of Legends

You won’t have much trouble playing against Jinx, unless you have no idea what you’re doing, or Jinx is simply better than you in general. As a general rule of thumb, always avoid her skill shots, and try to play aggressively (but not too much).

Tristina General Counter Tips:

  • Avoid standing near minions with low health to prevent taking damage from Tristina’s explosive shots.
  • Tristina’s jump can be cancelled by knock-up and displacements (e.g. Blitz’s Powerfist or Rocket Grab)
  • Try to push the lane into her tower. Tristina has difficulty when farming beneath the tower due to her explosive shot’s passive effect. 
  • Attempt to bait her into using her Rapid Fire, and then back off. Rapid Fire has a long cool down effect, so wasting it will put you at an advantage.

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