Top 10 Highest Paid Dota 2 Players

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highest paid dota 2 players

The Worlds’s Top 10 Highest Paid Dota 2 Players

Dota 2 is known across the world by its regular, amateur players, but there is also a more competitive type of gamer who is in it to make money. Some of these pro gamers have made over an impressive $3,000,000 throughout their Dota 2 career.

Dota 2 gives the chance of some huge tournament winnings — The International 2018 being the largest, featuring a $25 million prize pool for the winners. Dota provides professional players stability, especially when it comes to salaries. Some professional Dota players can make over $700,000 a year on salary alone, with some of the top players earning closer to $500,000 per annum.

We’ve hunted down the figures to bring to you the top 10 highest paid Dota 2 players in 2018.

10. Ppd ($2,896,266.36)

Peter “ppd” Dager is an American Dota 2 player. Peter has managed to obtain $2,896,266.36 through playing a total of 72 Dota tournaments. Ppd’s biggest win was from The International 2015, where he took home a staggering $1,326,932.14 after ranking in 1st place.

Ppd was nominated in the Game’s Award for the best eSports player. The 27-year old currently plays for the team ‘Ninjas in Pyjamas’.

9. UNiVeRsE ($3,030,735.67)

Saahil “UNiVeRsE” Arora is an American Dota 2 player. The largest cash prize that UNiVeRsE has been awarded from a single tournament was $1,326,932.14 from the International 2015 where he placed in 1st.

Universe currently plays for Forward Gaming and is an ex-member of The Evil Geniuses team.

8. GH ($3,057,344.84)

Maroun “GH” Merhej is a Lebanese Dota 2 player. The majority of GH’s earnings come from his time playing in Team Liquid. The largest cash prize that GH has been awarded was $2,172,536.60 from a single tournament after ranking in 1st place at the International 2017.

7. SumaiL ($3,285,914.94) 

Sumail “SumaiL” Hassan is a Pakistani Dota 2 player. Sumail played alongside Fear, Aui_2000, Universe and ppd in the International 2015. After their impressive 1st place win, Sumail was awarded a cash prize of $1,326,932.14.

Sumail also plays for Evil Geniuses. 

6. JerAx ($3,306,463.82)

Jesse “JerAx” Vaninikka is a Finnish Dota 2 player.  His biggest win was in August 2018 where he was rewarded $2,246,831.60 for ranking 1st place at  International 2018.

Jesse is an ex-member of Team Liquid and currently plays for OG.

5. Matumbaman ($3,438,116.04)

Lasse Matumbaman Urpalainen is another Finnish Dota 2 player. Matumbaman has participated in a total of 55 tournaments. The largest cash prize the 23-year old player has earned from a single tournament was $2,172,536.60 from the International 2017. 

Matumbaman plays for the notorious Team Liquid. 

4. MinD_ContRoL ($3,454,411.76) 

Ivan “MinD_ContRoL” Ivanov is a Bulgarian Dota player. Mind Control has earned an impressive $3,454,411.76 through playing a total of 53 tournaments. 

Mind Control ranked in 1st place for the International 2017 tournament, awarding him a cash prize of $2,172,536.60, making up 62% of his total earnings. 

Mind Control is also a member of Team Liquid.

3. Miracle- ($3,671,337.28)

Amer “Miracle-“ Al-Barkawi is a Jordan Dota 2 player. Acquiring $3,671,337.28 from a total of 44 tournaments. His biggest earnings come from the International 2017 tournament where he managed to rake in $2,172,536.60 for the 1st place win. 

Miracle also plays for Team Liquid.

2. N0tail ($3,733,970.55)

Johan “N0tail” Sundstein is a 25 year-old Dota 2 player from Denmark. N0tail placed first in the International 2018 tournament, bringing in a whopping $2,246,831 for the win.

N0tail has been a member of Cloud9, Fnatic and Team Secret; although he now plays for team OG.

1. KuroKy ($4,097,203.61)

Kuro “KuroKy” Takhasomi is a German Dota 2 player and ranks number one in our list of the highest paid Dota 2 players. KuroKy is the first player to exceed 4 million pounds from only tournament winnings, his largest takings bringing him in $2,172,536.00 from the International 2017 tournament. 

KuroKy is also a member of Team Liquid.

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