Top 10 Best LoL Skins In 2019 

Top 10 Best LoL Skins In 2019 

Top 10 Best LoL Skins In 2019 

While killing enemy champions in League of Legends feels great, killing enemy champions whilst equip with your favourite skin feels even better. That is why today, we are going to be sharing with you 10 of the most epic LoL skins in 2019. 

10. Cosmic Queen Ashe

Coming in at spot number 10 is the Cosmic Queen Ashe Skin. This Ashe skin is definitely visually beautiful, as well as right now having one of the best recalls in the game. Of course there are many Ashe skins to choose from – but you have to admit, this one is pretty damn impressive! 

9. Dragon Trainer Heimerdinger

At number 9 is the great legendary skin, Dragon Trainer Heimerdinger. The greatest thing about this skin is that it was inspired by a fan-made concept – by a person that now actually works for Riot. Even Heimerdinger’s pop-up turrets look like Dragons – what’s not to love? 

8. Odyssey Kayn

Odyssey was a great event, it had a nice cinematic, a cool and hard game mode, and a set of awesome skins. The Odyssey Kayn Skin has a load of great effects, awesome animations, great spell visuals and a sweet Guardians Of The Galaxy theme. 

 7. Dragon Trainer Tristana

Dragon Trainer Tristana is by far the best looking skin available for Tristana. Mixing great animations, funky dance moves, great death animations, and overall great visuals; the skin is available for purchase at 1850 RP. 

6. DJ Sona 

Prepare to blast some music with the ultimate DJ Sona skin. Our favourite thing about this skin is the sound effects and visuals that go alongside her abilities. This skin is available for purchase in-store at 3250 RP.

5. High Noon Lucian 

At number 5 on our list is The High Noon Lucian skin. This really is an amazing skin, with a superb cinematic and just looking so damn cool in-game. The other skins from this evil-western demonic theme were great as well, but this one was the legendary and we feel it’s earned it’s place as one of the best LoL skins in 2019.

4. Lunar Eclipse Leona 

Fourth on the list is the fairly recent skin, Lunar Eclipse Leona. This Lunar skin has great effects on the spells, cool recalls / animations, and our most favourite feature is that Leona looks different after casting an ultimate – all the way up until you die. 

3. Omega Squad Teemo 

Teemo’s Omega Squad Skin is a mean looking skin, and you’ll feel even better tearing apart the enemy team whilst wearing it. This skin takes the innocence out of the cute little champion and replaces it with a sense of dominancy. The skin is available in the League of Legends store for 1820 RP.

2. Final Boss Veigar

The Final Boss Veigar skin is an attractive skin with a unique identity. Complete with visual effects to charming animations, this skin has a great deal to offer. The style of this skin is a classic retro theme, offering a unique and comical appearance. You can purchase the Final Boss Veigar Skin for 1820 RP in the League of Legends store.

1. Elementalist Lux

is completely worthy of the top spot as the skin feels as great as it looks. It’s undoubtedly a skin that pushes beyond the realm of Legendary Skins, by providing a fantastic game-play experience as well as a diverse variety of looks. Don’t be put off by the 3250 RP price tag, as this skin is definitely worth every single penny.

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