Top 10 Best Fortnite Players 

Top 10 Best Fortnite Players

Ranking the top 10 best Fortnite players is a very difficult and subjective task. Whilst we haven’t really seen true competitive Fortnite yet, we have finally reached a point where it’s measurable to rank players not just based around their skill level and how they play in game, but also on how they have performed throughout various tournaments. 

Without further ado, here is our list of the top 10 best Fortnite players: 

10. TSM Hamlinz 

TSM Hamlinz is currently considered one of the best players in the world for 2018, and is an extremely consistent player in all aspects. Hamlinz has no weak spots – he can build, he has great accuracy, he’s great at communicating with a team, and he has shown his ability to remain calm under numerous difficult situations. Hamlin’z has one Fortnite Friday win and also a couple of placements in this years Summer Skirmish. Overall Hamlinz is a very solid player which secures him place number 10 in our list of the top Fortnite players. 

9. NoahJ456

Ranked in spot number 9 is a more underrated player who goes by the name of “NoahJ456”. Noah has secured his place by his extremely consistent play in Fortnite Friday, which up until the fifth week he was ranked the most consistent player along with Avery. The greatest piece of evidence to show just how strong of a player Noah actually is, was his first place win in the solo match of the Fortnite pro-am. Pro-am was a matchup combining 50 of the worlds best players.

8. NRG Zayt

NRG Zayt never played in Fortnite Friday, but this decision comes from his major success in the Summer Skirmish. So far in each week of Summer Skirmish, Zayt has ended up with one first, two thirds, and a fourth making him one of the most consistent players in the Skirmish so far. If you need any additional proof of just how good of a player Zayt actually is, then just watch the gameplay footage below: 

7. King Richard

King Richard is another player that in our opinion is vastly underrated but has got the winds to prove his skill. Ultimately, at this point in the game you need to look at placements, and King Richard has has got those placements to back up his skill. Richard has one win in Fortnite Friday, as well as a fifth, a third, and a first place finish in Summer Skirmish.

6. Ghost Dmo

Ghost Dmo ranks in our sixth spot with his impressive first, a second, a third and a fourth in Summer Skirmish. Whilst there has been a side of popular streamers who just play PUGs and are going for big followings on websites such as Twitch, there is another group of people that have been seriously grinding the competitive scrims and this guy is certainly one of them. 

5. Liquid Poach 

Liquid Poach is currently one of the most dominant players in the world. Acquiring a 1st place, a second place and 8 placements as well, Liquid Poach is our number five pick. The video beneath shows some of Poach’s best footage: 

4. Vivid

For rank number four we have the most consistent player of Summer Skirmish so far, “Vivid”. We will let the numbers do the talking as Vivid has managed to acquire an unbelievable three first place finishes in Summer Skirmish, and has never placed below the top 10 in any competition that he has competed in.

3. Ninja 

In rank number 3 is a player that needs absolutely no introduction to the Fortnite community: “Ninja”. Ninja has got two second places and a fourth place in the Summer Skirmish, one win in Fortnite Friday, but notably his biggest overall achievement to date is his obvious pro-am overall win. 


In the past few months TFUE has gained an insane amount of popularity due to the fact that he is objectively better than Ninja. He has dominated Fortnite Friday with four wins, two fourth place finishes in Summer Skirmishes, and five overall placements. Free Entree Panda Express Survey

1. Cloakzy

In our number one spot is TFUE’s duo partner and captain of the FaZe clan, FaZe Cloakzy (or “Cloakzy”). We’re going to let the gameplay footage below speak for this, making Cloakzy our top pick for the top 10 best Fortnite players: