Sylas The Unshackled Guide 2019 League of Legends

Sylas The Unshackled Guide 2019 League of Legends

Sylas The Unshackled Guide 2019 League of Legends

Sylas The Unshackled was released on the 25th of January 2019 and is currently League of Legends newest champion. Sylas can be played as either a jungle or mid-laner.

In this guide, we have put together everything that you need to know about Sylas, including his play-style, abilities, strengths, weaknesses, and tons more. By the end of this article you should know how to play Sylas most effectively as well as some additional information about the new champion. 

Sylas Abilities 

Passive: Petricite Burst 

After casting a spell, Sylas’ next basic attack whirls his chains around him, damaging nearby enemies.

Q:  Chain Lash

Sylas lashes out with his chains, damaging and slightly slowing enemies. After a brief delay, the intersection of the chains detonates, applying an increased slow and damaging enemies again.

W: Kingslayer

Sylas lunges at a target with a powerful strike, damaging them and healing himself. If the enemy is at low health, the damage is increased; if Sylas is at low health, the heal is increased.

E: Abscond / Abduct

Sylas dashes a short distance and shields himself. For a short time, he can recast the ability to whip out his chains, stunning, damaging, and pulling himself to the first enemy hit.

R: Hijack

Sylas hijacks an enemy’s ultimate for his own use. Enemies can still use their ultimates if Sylas takes them. Sylas can take an enemy’s ultimate whenever Hijack is off cooldown, but can’t hijack the same enemy for a while after.

Sylas Top Tricks & Tips

Here are a few tips on playing Sylas effectively:

Sylas is an assassin and not a tank. Play him by targeting squishy champions in team-fights and then dashing out. Never be the one to engage in group fights, always follow up in fights by picking out the vulnerable enemy champions and then bursting them down. 

Analyse your situation before hijacking an ultimate. Are you about to engage in a team fight? Then perhaps a huge AOE ability would be wise. Do you need to take out an enemy champion quickly? Then maybe a single target ability would be more suitable. Always analyse each situation individually and pay attention to all of the ultimates available around you. 

When playing Sylas it is crucial that you hit auto attacks in-between casting each of your abilities. This will activate Sylas’s passive ability Petricite Burst, causing an even greater damage output to each of your targets. 

Skill Max Order (Q > E > W)

Chain Lash should always be maxed first as this is going to be your main poke ability. By upgrading Q first it will lower the cool-down rate whilst increasing the damage output. Chain Lash is also a great AoE ability meaning its very effective for lane clearing. 

Abscond / Abduct is our next favourite ability to level up as it allows you a huge amount of mobility. However, if you’re in a matchup where you will be playing more aggressively, we instead recommend going for Kingslayer. 

Kingslayer is an epic duelling ability as it provides heal for when you’re low health as well as an execute. Generally speaking, you want to delay using Kingslayer until either you or the enemy are low health. Taking full advantage of Kingslayer could be the deciding factor of your team winning or losing a fight. 


Here is a list of the 6 best ultimates you can steal:

  1. Fiddlesticks
  2. Pyke
  3. Cho’Gath
  4. Neeko
  5. Malphite
  6. Karthus


Here is a list of the 6 worst ultimates you can steal:

  1. Nidalee
  2. Elise
  3. Zoe
  4. Twitch
  5. Kog’Maw
  6. Illaoi

Sylas Rune Page

The primary runes you want to choose when playing Sylas is Domination with the keystone of Electrocute as it’s really easy to procure Sylas with all of the combos that he has.

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