OSRS Money Making Guide 2019

OSRS Money Making Guide 2019

OSRS Money Making Guide 2019

In this article we are going to share some of the best methods for making money in Old School Runescape, 2019.

The most effective methods to making money in Runescape are available to members-only. Although there are still ways to make money in free-to-play worlds, this guide is aimed more towards those with a Runescape Membership. 

The requirements for each of these methods will vary. We are going to begin with the lower-requirement strategies and work our way up to the more advanced methods of making money.

Mining Gems In The Dungeon Below Shilo Village 

Profit Per Hour : 500-600K P/H

XP Per Hour: 57K P/H (Depending on level)

Requirements : Shilo Village, Karamja Gloves 3 (Recommended) 

It is recommended to complete the Hard Karamja Diary to unlock Karamja Gloves 3 as this will allow you access to the underground section of the gem mine and a direct teleport to the underground mines. Players who have not yet completed the Karamja diaries will not be able to access the mine, which means fewer competition for the gems.

When mining it is optional to drop the less expensive gems (Jade & Opal), however this is not mandatory as it is fairly quick anyway to teleport out, deposit the loot, and then to teleport back. 

Hollow Trees (East of Canifis)

Profit Per Hour : 200K P/H

XP Per Hour: 60K P/H (Depending on level)

Requirements : 45 Woodcutting

Cutting Hollow Trees is probably not the best money-maker in the world, but it could be something that you haven’t thought about doing before. Due to the fact that you are able to semi-afk them, as well as the additional XP bonus, Hollow Trees have made it onto our list of the top ways to make money in OSRS 2019. 

Making Sanfew Serum 

Profit Per Hour : 700K P/H

XP Per Hour: Varies

Requirements : 65 Herblore, Completion of Zogre Flesh Eaters quest.

The first thing you will need to do and probably the most tedious is to pick the snakeweed. This is something you’re going to have to do yourself and the method we recommend is by using a Tai bwo wannai teleport tab and then just running southwest to the marshy vines. The amount of time it takes to collect the snakeweed is dependant on your Herblore level, so if you have a higher Herblore level you should collect them a significant amount faster. The next things you will need are Unicorn Dust and Nail Beast Nails, which are things you can just buy from the Grand Exchange. Now you need to take your Unicorn Dust, Nail Beast Nails and Snakeweed and use it on a Super Restore Potion (4) to make a Sanfew Serum. 

This is a fantastic and lucrative way to training your Herblore as opposed to something like cleaning herbs. 

Elder Chaos Druids (Chaos Temple)

Profit Per Hour : 200K+ P/H

XP Per Hour: Varies

Requirements : 37 Magic

Another OSRS money-maker and something thats especially good for pures, is Elder Chaos Druids. These are located in the wilderness so you will need to be careful, although you wont really be risking anything other than the loot in your inventory as all you will be wearing is monk robes and keeping protect from magic on at all times. 

It is also recommended to wear a ring of wealth (i), as this will increase your chances of getting a hard clue scroll drop to 1/64. Using this method will make you around 200k per hour in herbs alone, plus the chances of hard clues and the elder chaos druid robes. 

Killing Disciples of Iban For Zamorak Robes

Profit Per Hour : 500K P/H

XP Per Hour: Varies

Requirements : Underground Pass, Regicide Quest, Start Mourning’s End Part 1, Tiny Elf Crystal 

To begin with you will need a Tiny Elf Crystal and to teleport to the Elf Camp. You will most likely get poisoned running to the well, but I wouldn’t worry about it as the poison only starts at 2 and goes away fairly quickly. 

In order to use this method is recommended to be wearing some graceful equipment as you will be running a lot, and then a weapon of your choice (e.g. a whip / blowpipe). Once you have entered the well the disciples are pretty much directly in front of you through the door.

It’s as simple as killing the disciples and picking up their tops and bottoms. The robes tend to sell very well as they’re popular amongst the pure community, so you shouldn’t have any trouble in selling the robes.

Making Raw Wild Pies

Profit Per Hour : 650K P/H

XP Per Hour: None

Requirements : 85 Cooking

You will first need to purchase a raw bear meat, a raw chompy, a raw rabbit and a raw pie dish. Combine these items to create a wild pie. We made around 650k per hour using this method, although you could probably earn more if you were to buy the items at a more competitive price. 

Killing Cave Horrors

Profit Per Hour : 400-500k P/H (excluding Black Mask drops)

XP Per Hour: Varies

Requirements : 58 Slayer, completion of quests: Rum Deal, Pirates Treasure, Priest in Peril, Cabin Fever.

cave horrors osrs
Mos Le’Harmless Caves

Cave horrors are a great way to train your combat stats and earn some money at the same time. The most valuable item dropped by Cave Horrors is Black Masks which currently sell for around 1.3m and have a drop rate of 1/512. Not including Black Mask drops, you can expect to make around 400-500k per hour just by collecting herbs/seeds.

Cave horrors are located in the Mos Le’Harmless Caves and require level 58 slayer to kill and the completion of Cabin Fever. The cave horrors are spread throughout the cave and have little Defence with only 55 Hitpoints, so it’s simple to kill them with any combat method. Range or Melee is most popular, and there’s a safe-spot next to the entrance for rangers to use.

We hope this OSRS Money Making Guide 2019 helped you, if you have any questions then please leave us a comment below: