OSRS Mining Guide F2P (1-99) 2020

osrs f2p mining guide

OSRS Mining Guide F2P (1-99) 

Mining is a F2P skill in Runescape that allows players to acquire ores and gems from mining rocks. The ores can be used to smelt into bars and then smithed into equipment using the smithing skill. 

What will I need to get started? 

The only requirement before starting your mining journey is a pickaxe. You always want to make sure that you are using the best pickaxe available for your level to ensure the maximum amount of experience per hour possible. The requirements for each of the pickaxes are as follows:

f2p mining

Black pickaxes are also available at level 11 but only provide the same bonuses as a steel pickaxe. 

F2P Mining Locations

  • Al Kharid Mine
  • Dwarven Mine
  • Rimmington Mine
  • South-east Varrock Mine Site
  • South-west Varrock Mine Site
  • Edgeville Dungeon Mine
  • Southern Wilderness Mine
  • Bandit Mine Camp
  • The Mining Guild

Level 1 – 15

The first thing to do before starting out is to complete the Doric’s quest, which will grant you 1,300 mining xp and take you to level 10 mining. You will then need to mine tin and copper to reach level 15 mining where you can begin to mine Iron. The best place to do this is at the South East Lumbridge Swamp mining site. Alternatively you can seek out the mine south east of Varrock although this spot is usually over populated.

Fastest 15-99 (Powermining) 

The fastest way to achieve 99 mining in free-to-play is by powermining. The best location is at Al Kharid mines where there are three iron rocks together allowing you to mine continually without moving.

powermining iron f2p

When you have a full inventory of ore you will need to drop them meaning you will make no profit. If you’re a low level then take caution as scorpions in the area will attack you if you’re below 28 combat. 

Most profitable method (85+ Mining required)

After reaching level 85 mining you will be able to mine Runite ore. This is the most profitable method of mining due to the high prices of Runite ore. For this method you will need to mine the ore, hop to another world, mine another, and repeat.

runite ore f2p mining

The respawn time of runite is 12 minutes which is exceptionally long and makes world hopping an easy solution. However, as there is only limited F2P worlds it will also limit the amount of profit you will make per hour. 

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