OSRS Fishing Guide F2P (1-99)

OSRS Fishing Guide F2P

OSRS Fishing Guide F2P

In this F2P OSRS Fishing Guide, we are going to be teaching you the most effective methods of acquiring 99 fishing using only free-to-play locations.

Fishing is an excellent money-making method, especially at higher levels. Although the most profitable methods of fishing are only available to pay-to-play members (Sharks and Dark Crabs), there is still money to be made as a F2P player by using some of the methods we are going to share with you.

Level 1 – 20 : Shrimp / Anchovies

Equipment : Small Net

Location: Draynor / Lumbridge

We recommend beginning by catching Shrimp and Anchovies until you reach level 20 Fishing. The most popular F2P location to catch these is Draynor Village as there is a bank nearby. Make sure to have a small net in your inventory and head over to the South of Draynor Village.

The fish that you will be catching at this level are generally worthless, so it’s optional to either bank the fish or to just drop them on the floor. Once you have reached level 15 fishing you will be able to catch Anchovies which grant slightly better XP. These early levels should be fairly quick, simply remain at this spot until you reach level 20 fishing.

Take Caution: If you are a low level then please take caution around the fishing spots of Draynor Village as there are level 7 Dark Wizards that will be lurking around the Willow Trees ready to attack.

Level 20 – 40 : Trout / Salmon

Equipment : Fly Fishing Rod, Feathers

Location: Lumbridge, Barbarian Village

The best fish to catch from levels 20 to 40 is Trout and Salmon, granting you roughly 30k xp per hour. These fishing spots are located on F2P worlds in either Lumbridge or Barbarian Village.

Fly Fishing Trout and Salmon is actually the fastest possible XP rate you can get as a free-to-play player, but terrible money. If you’re only interested in fast experience then it is recommended to fish these all the way up to level 99.

You will want to make sure that you have a Fly Fishing Rod and Feathers, both of which can be purchased at the Fishing Shop in Port Sarim. The best spot to catch these is over at Barbarian Village, where you will find two “Lure” fishing spots. If you’d prefer to bank the fish rather than drop them, the closest bank is directly north over at Edgeville.

Level 40 – 60 : Lobsters

Equipment : Lobster Pot, 60gp (Return Boat Fare)

Location: Karamja

Once you have hit level 40 fishing you are now able to catch Lobsters. The XP rates will be between 20-25k xp per hour. The only place to catch these on F2P worlds is Musa Point, Karamja. At Port Sarim there is a deposit box where you should deposit your fish when fishing on Karamja. You will need at least 60gp for the boat fare (30gp each trip).
After reaching level 50 fishing you will now be able to catch Swordfish. Although these sell for more money, it is not advised to fish these until at least level 60 fishing as the catch-rate will be extremely low and your inventory will instead be filled with Tuna.

Additional Information: If you do end up without money for the boat fare, sell some of your fish to the General Store located South of the fishing spot in Karamja. This will save you time travelling back to the bank.

Level 60+ : Swordfish

Equipment : Harpoon, 60gp (Return Boat Fare)

Location: Karamja

Once you have finally reached level 60 fishing you can now proceed to catching Swordfish. Catching Swordfish in free-to-play worlds will be your best method of making money when fishing as you can make up to 100k per hour depending on your level.

We advise to drop the tuna that you catch as depositing the fish takes too long and it’s better to keep the inventory space for extra Swordfish.

Fishing Swordfish in F2P will grant you a reasonable amount of XP and you can expect to average around 30k XP per hour. Use the same methods as before when catching Lobsters when catching Swordfish, making full use of the deposit box located on Port Sarim docks.

That now completes our 1-99 OSRS Fishing Guide F2P in 2020. We hope that you found this guide helpful, and if you did then please share it with your fellow Runescape friends.

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