League of Legends ADC Guide 2018

Everything you need to know on how to become a better ADC.

league of legends adc guide

Our extensive League of Legends ADC guide is going to help further you on your journey of becoming a better League of Legends player.

The role of an Attack Damage Carry (ADC) is based on a heavily auto-attack reliant champion who is able to deal constant damage per second (DPS). Due to their builds, they often do not have much health, and thus are extremely “squishy” and vulnerable to being killed quickly. As a result, their job is to safely deal as much damage as possible to the enemy team whilst remaining at a safe distance.


CS (Short for “Creep Score”), is the number of creeps that you have scored the last hit on and scored gold from. You’ve probably heard this numerous times, but, CSing alone wins games, and I mean this literally. Why? Because the more CS, the more gold: and the more gold, the more items.

League of Legends ADC Guide

The number one method to improve your CS is to simply work on it during your own custom games. Focus solely on letting minions wail away on each other until they are one auto-attack away from death, then attack. If you’re just starting out, you want to aim for 6-8 CS per minute; better players want to aim for about 10 per minute.

You will notice that most novice ADC’s begin to farm pretty well in lane, but then stop after the 20 minute mark. This is the time when the CS gap between you and your opponents should start increase. Be sure to continue farming throughout the entire game. 


Wards are another extremely important factor in League of Legends in order to gain map control. It takes a great deal of experience to realise that a ward showing no enemies is just as valuable as a ward that shows all five!

League of Legends ADC Guide 2018

Like other RTS games, it’s much easier to beat your opponent in League of Legends if you understand their next move. Just imagine playing a match where your enemies are constantly visible to you, how much easier would you find that game? Well, here is a cool secret: that feature is available! It’s called Wards! By seeing where the enemy is (and isn’t), you’ll be better equip to escape ganks, CS safely, and avoid nasty surprises when you go for a push or a kill.

The most important aspect of warding is actually receiving the information you need – allowing you to make informed decisions. If there is one lesson to take away, it’s to actively check and pay attention to your minimap constantly in order to see what is going on.

Learn One Champion Thoroughly

With over 140 different champions to choose from, it can be a very long process in learning how to play every single one of them. If you really want to improve as an ADC player, then learning a single champion thoroughly is vital.

league of legends champions

By learning one champion inside out, it allows you to become an expert on the potential matchups and item builds for that champion. Having extensive in-depth knowledge of a single champion is the foundations of becoming a better League player.


One of the most underrated tips in making you a better League of Legends player is to simply play more games. When you are watching your favourite gamers in the world, what you are not witnessing is the sheer amount of time that they have committed before leading up to that moment.

You should try to set aside at least 2-3 hours per day to practice. Just like becoming a professional in any industry, putting in the effort and time necessary is an essential part of your success.

Knowing when to Recall

This is one of the most important yet confusing aspects of playing as an AD Carry. Do you push? Or do you recall and leave the wave where it is? Well, if the enemy recalls first then you always want to push into the tower. By pushing into the tower you will force your opponent to miss out on CS, of course providing that you are not going to get ganked.

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Another tip is to always watch your minions on the minimap. This will allow you to know when the next opposing minions are going to arrive. Even though it sounds obvious, the minimap is actually mirrored. This means if your minions are at your second tower, then your enemies minions are also at their second tower.

Take as many trades as possible

Trading in League of Legends is when a player deals damage to an enemy champion. Trading during lane is a great way to halt the opposing ADC or support, secure a possible kill, or relieve pressure off of your lane allowing you to either push or recall – but the goal of trading is to always make sure you’re left with more health than your enemy.

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There are two main strategies of trading which include dealing damage from auto attacks, and the other by using abilities. Trading by auto attacks is the easiest method to understand. When possible, you should auto attack the enemy and deal damage to them. Trading with abilities are slightly more difficult to understand, but the same principles still apply. When possible, use a damaging ability on the opponent. All the current champions have at least one “damaging” ability and you should use them on the enemy.

The concept of Trading is simple to understand, however, knowing when to trade, harass and poke enemies is another story. Knowing when to trade will allow you to control lane dominance over the enemy laner and allow you, in most cases, to come out on top.

Choose your Fights

Don’t engage in battles that you know you cannot win: it will just get you killed and put your teammates at risk. 

Pay close attention during team fights. If you start to notice that your team is losing, don’t be afraid to back out. Don’t wait around to save what can’t be saved. It’s more beneficial to let two of you teammates die if it means that the other three of you get away. Don’t take risks trying to save people who got caught out or are going to die anyway. Odds are you’ll just give the opposing team an extra kill.Pal’s Sudden Service Survey

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This is especially relevant late game, your team can’t afford to get caught in losing battles. One badly played team fight can turn the cards and lose you the game.