How To Get Out Of Bronze Elo Hell [2018 Guide]

how to get out of bronze elo

5 Tips On  How To Get Out Of Bronze Elo Hell

Are you stuck in the deep, dark, and never-ending well, also known as Bronze? Well, fear not. We are going to provide you with 5 less-common tips, on how to climb your way out of “Bronze Elo Hell”. 

The Fundamentals 

You may not want to hear this, but, we’re going to start with the absolute basics. If you ever want to climb your way out of Bronze, then the first thing you need to master is the very basic foundations. 

League of Legends can be compared to maths: you can’t expect to work out Algebra or calculus problems, without first learning addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Well, League follows the same principles. Without Warding, CS’ing, and general map awareness, you’re not going to be able to understand the more complex strategies. 

Warding – 

We’re not going to go too in-depth about ward placements, as you can read a more detailed guide about warding, here. But, the general goal is to obtain vision.

League of Legends Warding

If you are not constantly placing strategic wards, then you are essentially playing the game blind. By placing wards it brings vision to your team, thus allowing you to anticipate and counteract your opponent. 

CS’ing – 

You most likely already know this, but i’m just going to quickly reiterate the importantnce of maintaining a good CS. CS (also known as “creep score”), is the amount of creeps that you have killed with the last hit and obtained gold from.

League of Legends ADC Guide

Your CS score is of high importance as it directly relates to how much gold you’ve farmed: and the more gold you have, the more items you can purchase. This is a skill that you always want to be developing, as CSing really can be the difference between winning or losing. 

Map Awareness –

Map awareness is a very necessary skill for every League of Legends player – without it, you’ll end up dying often, and losing the majority of your games.

how to get out of bronze elo

If you can learn the map and understand what is going on around you, you will start to be able to predict where your opponents are going to be.

Prioritise Objectives

Another reason that could be holding you back from getting out of bronze ELO, is that you are not prioritising the objectives. Now, we all know that taking down a tower is more valuable than a single kill in the early game, but how do we know which objectives we need to prioritise? Well, we have created a list in order of least to most importance:

  • Red & Blue Buff
  • Killing an Enemy 
  • Cloud Drake
  • Mountain Drake
  • Rift Herald
  • Towers
  • Ocean Drake
  • Infernal Drake
  • Inhibitor Towers
  • Inhibitor
  • Baron
  • Elder Drake

Now, please take this list with a pinch of salt, as there are many factors that can dramatically change the importance of each objective. 

Pick a role and learn it thoroughly 

Although it can be a useful skill to know each role, it’s better to be an expert in one, opposed to an average player in five. By sticking to a single role and learning it extensively, you have less material to learn and become an expert in your field. 

choosing a role in lol

Try to watch the pro’s on websites such as twitch and youtube, to see which role appeals to you the most. Choosing your main role and becoming a guru in your field, is one of the first steps to climbing your way out of bronze ELO.

Do Not Play On Tilt 

“Tilt” is a poker term, usually meaning a state of emotional frustration and confusion. It’s most commonly used if you’re on a losing streak and become so frustrated that you start playing worse because you cannot focus the same. 

Try to avoid playing on tilt as it will definitely have a direct effect on your playing, and will certainly decrease your overall win rate. If your emotions are high, then your intelligence is probably low. It’s better to just take a break, and return to the game when you are feeling fresh. 

If you cannot climb, you’re to blame

If you’re stuck at an ELO for a long period of time, then you need to stop blaming others, and start blaming yourself. Start analysing your gameplay, learn how to make improvements. If you think the reason that you’re stuck in bronze is because of bad teammates, trolls, feeders and flamers, you are regretfully wrong. Ironically, they are probably thinking the same thing about you.

troll league of legends

Now that you have finished reading our how to get out of bronze ELO guide, you should remember to consistently apply these methods, allowing you to progress your way through the League of Legends ELO system.