How to get Better at Fortnite (PC, Xbox One & PS4) 2018

How to get Better at Fortnite

So, you want to become a better Fortnite player? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best tricks and tips that you can apply to get better quickly. 


Perhaps the most obvious one, but also vastly under appreciated: practice. When you are watching your favourite gamers in the world, what you are not witnessing is the sheer amount of time that they have committed before leading up to that moment. Granted, some people have the fortunate ability to just pick up a controller and be naturally good, but to be a master of anything takes a lot of time, persistence, and consistency. 


Of course you want to win, so does everyone else, but don’t get too caught up on winning. Winning a game generally requires you to go to less popular areas, take less fights, and “camping” areas to get yourself into the top 5. From there you can continue to camp and hope for a 1v1 situation, allowing you the chance to win. Using this style of gameplay is extremely counter-intuitive as it will ultimately double or triple the time you need to play in order to get better. 


While aim is an obvious factor in Fortnite, building is equally just as important. Almost every time you get shot at, you should be building a wall or throwing up a ramp. If you are pushing against someone you should be building ramps to deflect any shots that are coming to you. Once closer, your goal should be to build yourself upwards, gaining the height advantage over your opponent.

How to get Better at Fortnite

If you are healing after a fight, ensure that you wall yourself in to protect yourself. Just about every gunfight situation that you encounter requires you to be consistently building.


Make sure that when that you eject, you stay away from other players as much possible. You want to avoid landing near anyone else because that will greatly increase the chance that the other person is going to be able to loot a weapon before you, clock you in the head, and then boom, game over.

How to get Better at Fortnite

If you haven’t even had time to grab more than a single weapon before getting eliminated then you are not going to learn anything at all. With this said, you also want to avoid landing in completely empty areas like Lonely Lodge, Wailing Woods, Haunted Hills, Flush Factory, Loot Lake, and Junk Junction. These areas seldom have players there, unless a battle pass challenge requires them to be there. The key to getting better is to take on fights, but not being so overwhelmed that you just get eliminated instantly.


Obviously you cant really choose which weapons that you have with you as it’s all about random looting: You will drop onto a part of the map, and hopefully there is a good weapon near by, sometimes there’s a c*** weapon, other times there is no weapon at all. Eventually as you progress throughout the game you are going to find more and more weapons, which then asks the question: which ones do you stick with? Our advice is simple: Stick to longer-ranged weapons such as the Sniper Rifles and Assault Rifles. The Shotgun’s and SMG’s are fine, but they don’t offer any versatility. A lot of time you are going to spend looking over the far, distant horizon, hoping that you can shoot a target at range. Unfortunately a shotgun is not going to really do much in that context. 


If you kill someone, don’t loot them immediately unless you are extremely sure that there is nobody else around you. One of the best things you can do in a Fortnite game is to watch an encounter take place, wait for the player to go over to the loot (where they are going to be stationary and not moving), this is where you can go over, headshot them, and down they go. Make sure to pay careful attention to your surroundings when you are looting, as this is the point when players are at their most vulnerable.

How to get Better at Fortnite


This is probably the most important tip: remember that this is a game about avoiding death as opposed to maximising kills. Staying alive is your number one objective. I repeat, staying alive is your number one objective.Panda Express Guest Satisfaction Survey

It doesn’t matter if you have 97 kills in a game, if you die to that last guy; you have still lost. This is a game entirely based around staying alive, so be careful with all of your moves. Stop trying to be Rambo, don’t run and gun, be as careful as you can when you’re entering structures, always keep an eye about what is going on around you, and aim to minimise deaths rather than optimise your kill count. This is a huge mind shift change, as all other video games have conditioned you think this way, but if you only take away one point away from this article, this would be it.