A new vehicle coming to Fortnite: The ‘Quadcrasher’

The new, structure smashing vehicle for Fortnite!

fortnite the quadcrasher

Epic Games have announced the new release of another vehicle coming to Fortnite: “The Quadcrasher”. This new vehicle certainly looks like it’s ready to cause devastation, designed with an aggressive looking plow-like front.

The official description for the new Quadcrasher reads:

“Charge the boost to crash through structures or get some air!”

Presumably, this vehicle is going to have the ability to plow its way through structures that any other player has built. We will not know just how powerful the Quadcrasher is until it has been released in-game. 

Currently, no announcements have been made of when we can expect to see “The Quadcrasher” added, but we are predicting next week.

This is going to be the third vehicle added to Fortnite since its release, following the Shopping Cart and ATK.